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Design unveiled for national LGBT veterans' memorial
From a press release

The Board of Directors of the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ( LGBT ) Veteran's Memorial project is pleased to announce the design of the Monument to be placed in the memorial garden at Historic Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC.

The monument is simple yet stately and will stand proudly on its site just as those it represents served this country with pride. On each of the three pillars, there will be two of the six service emblems. One will represent the Army and Air Force, another the Navy and Marines, and the third will represent the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. The pillars will be placed in a triangle allowing space for visitors to walk inside where there is a flag pole and inscriptions explaining the Memorial's meaning and the history behind it.

There is historical, educational, and social value to be served by having a place where the service of LGBT veterans is acknowledged. It will serve to educate others on the sacrifices made by LGBT veterans to secure freedom for all citizens of the United States, and it will provide a place of honor and reflection for LGBT veterans and their families. It is anticipated that it will be the site of wreath laying and various other ceremonies honoring veterans held throughout the year, particularly ceremonies during national holidays such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Most of the funding for the project will come from LGBT veterans who want to have their service memorialized by purchasing a paver with their name and service information engraved on it to be placed on the memorial grounds. Or, by donations from those who simply want to see the memorial built. Interment of cremated ashes of eligible veterans within the memorial space is also in the plan should there be a demand for it.

The building of this memorial has been long in coming. For it to become a reality, contributions are needed from LGBT veterans as well as their straight friends and supporters. To make a donation or to purchase pavers, go to the NLGBTVM website at Article Link Here . Or to send a check, you may mail it to NLGBTVM, at P.O. Box 780514, San Antonio, TX, 78278-0514 and please provide your email address so your donation may be acknowledged. Questions may be directed to .

Marty Gunter of San Antonio Texas, Tom Swann of Rancho Mirage CA and Jim Darby of Chicago also serve on the board.

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