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Study: Gays Own More Pets


Cats or dogs, parrots, ferrets, or gerbils, pets hold an important place in the gay and lesbian community. Pet ownership is more than 10% more common among gay respondents than in the general population, a recent survey reveals [62 percent, of the general population's households own a pet]. With 8,831 respondents, the 2002-2003 Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census was prepared by GLCensus Partners (Syracuse University and OpusComm Group).

Overall, 78.5% of respondents reported keeping a pet. The census surveyed owners of cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, fish, horses, rabbits, reptiles and rodents. Ownership was higher in females than in males, with 86.9% of female respondents having a pet, as opposed to 70.8% of male respondents. 5.1% of respondents don't own a pet yet, but plan to soon.

The war between cats and dogs rages on: 48.7% own at least one cat, compared to 46.4% who own at least one dog. Many have multiple-cat households, so totals report almost 1,000 more cats owned than dogs. A higher percentage of females are pet owners. A gender preference for cats or dogs is revealed, with cats are more popular among women—60.2% of females own cats; 52.9% own dogs. The canines eke out a win over cats for men—40.7% of male respondents own dogs; 38.3% own cats.

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